Single Channel Video

Happenstance (2013)

Digital error and desegregation. This video was created by an error in a Vimeo upload.
Using the accident. This has turned into a whole series of videos I am currently creating simply by paying attention to the digital errors.

Collaborate (2009)

This work was inspired by and premiered at the group show, Projected Light, that included artists such as Hisao Ihara, Steina Valsuka, Dr. Woohoo, Susanna Carlisle, and James Croker. Collaborate was placed as a subtle introduction piece to this large video installation exhibition. audio by Charles Veasey.

The Masses (2007)

The Masses deals with issues or sex, reproduction, and repetitious movements of people. This was created for the group show, Obsequi in Albany, NY.

Untitled (2006)

Untitled is an experimental video created to invoke conversation around the porn industry. This is experimental representation reflects the emotional connections of confusion, pleasure, repetition, and anonymity that a sex worker experiences. The porn industry is booming, but no one is discussing who is watching and why. Untitled is created from pornographic video appropriated from the Internet. The video is compressed, recompressed, magnified, and colored beyond recognition almost.

Miss Red (1995)

Miss Red is one of the first and only celluloid pieces I created. This was all in-camera editing with a wind-up Bolex 8mm camera. This study of the female form reflects my background in black and white film photography.