Other Projects

AltEthos_blackAlt Ethos, Ltd  Immersive Interactive Production Studio. In our first year of operations, we are a collaboratively owned forward thinking production company. Alt Ethos is an immersive interactive media studio. We synthesize digital and physical environments into unexpected realities. We are collaboratively owned company of creators who enjoy working in expanding media. Our team brings a plethora of skills to creative storytelling, education, and entertainment including VR, 360°, fulldome, physical computing, 3d design, and more. www.altethos.com

Denver Arts + Technology Advancement, NPO
Denver Arts + Technology Advancement’s mission is “Empowerment Through Creative Technology”. We envision a world where all people will have access to limitless creative possibilities. We produce MORPHOS digital dome artist in residence, host the DATA blog, and are in development of various other programs, to be announced.

BETA arts, LLC
BETA offers consulting and public speaking in immersive digital arts production, distribution, events production, installation, and training. Previous BETA projects have been expanded into two organizations, Alt Ethos and Denver Arts + Technology Advancement. Formerly Bach Multimedia 2003 – 2013
Ethan Bach Studio, Ltd
“Bach is an artistic meteorologist of sorts who observes the surrounding human climate and forecasts what is to come if these instinctive and indulgent paths are followed.” – Santa Fe Reporter
• FantaSe Fest (New Mexico Arts in Public Places Grant Award)
• Currents New Media Festival
• RedLine’s 48 Hours of Social Engagement