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Creating A Life You Love

Do you have a sense that the purpose in life that includes living your truth, transforming your reality into something that inspires, and knowing you can achieve whatever you set your mind to?

Are you unhappy or stuck in your life and feel like you missed out on something essential to your success?

Single? Finally attract partnership that fulfills, supports, and inspires you.

About Ethan

I am an entrepreneur, educator, and artist with ongoing training in communication, spiritual practice, and self-improvement. I combine healthy habits, communication practices, and spirituality to create an in-depth approach to working with individual clients facing a loss of motivation, and who want to find and actualize their life purpose.

I have been through many transformations in my lifetime and I continue to discover the joys of manifesting my dreams. We were all born into situations that offered challenges to work through and grow in order to find our purpose in life. Some of mine have been as an at-risk youth,  transitioning from female-to-male twenty years ago, attending a top ten university, and starting my dream company and nonprofit organization.

Bodhi Life Coaching is about helping you find your personal enlightenment. My goal is to help you discover the tools and the information you need to build confidence for your personal transformation, to live an authentic life you love, and to achieve your goals. I am known for helping people push beyond their confinements with warmth and compassion and being direct, having foresight, finding patterns to deliver results.