Ethan BachBio.

Ethan Bach is an entrepreneur, artist, coach, and consultant. He uses creative technology to foster deeper connections through his roles as CEO of Alt Ethos, experiential design studio; E.D. of Denver Arts + Technology Advancement (DATA), a 501(c)3 agency whose mission is Empowerment Through Creative Technology, as artist at Ethan Bach Studios, and technology consultant and public speaker at BETA arts.  Westword calls Ethan, “An entrepreneur with an eye on the future’s future.” Bach’s recent endeavor is to share his skills to foster success and empowerment of others through Bodhi Life Coaching.

Bach graduated from The Evergreen State College with a BA in Media Production and subsequently completed an MFA in Electronic Arts from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Bach not only creates original artwork, but he pushes the boundaries of technology and media in the process.

Ethan Bach was recently featured on Amazon Prime’s Self Made (Season 2, Episode 6). Alt Ethos has been recognized in CodaWorx Magazine for their work Soundscape; as Denver Artists to Watch by 303 Magazine,  and as Company to Watch by Denverite Magazine. For his artwork, Ethan Bach has won awards from the Santa Fe Arts Commission, New Mexico Film Visions, and New Mexico Art in Public Spaces.



My artwork is informed by my experiences with personal transformation through the lens of expanded media. From deeply personal artistic explorations on gender identity, to connecting people from across the globe creating collective telepresence art, one of my goals is to challenge people’s perceptions through the creation of unexpected experiences. Recent artistic projects include a publically funded five-foot interactive projection cube and the premiere of my digital memoir.

H.U.M.A.N., an interactive projection cube uses digital abstractions to represent modern times of climate change, cultural revolutions, and an unveiling of corruption. Three-dimensional orbs randomly flock around the cube until attracted to observers; playing on the notion that suffering is part of the human experience and that through the release of our attachments, we can find human connection and compassion. This project is the first collaboration with sculpture artist Don Kennell where we begin to fuse interactive projection with sculptural objects. H.U.M.A.N. premiered as part of FantaSe Fest 2016 and received funding through New Mexico Arts in Public Places.

Bodhi Life: A Transgender New Media Artist’s Memoir is an unfolding story of myself as a struggling video artist through bouts of depression and exploration and finding oneself through the eyes and experiences of a life that offered a variety of challenges and amazing gifts. My hope is that Bodhi Life will help others, both cis and transgender, to find more acceptance of themselves. Bodhi Life premiered as part of RedLine’s 48 Hours: An Exhibition on Socially Engaged Art in August 2016.

#HelloMyNameWas, a video from Bodhi Life, reclaims my entire life through morphing images of my face through over 40 years’ time. As a transgender person, I was taught that I should have shame about my history, I was taught I shouldn’t tell anyone my birth name, and I should appear as though I’ve had the same gender experience my entire life. Half of my life, I’ve been out as transgender and living in a way where I feel more comfortable in my own skin, but this expression does not negate the first half of my life. #HelloMyNameWas is about having ownership over my whole existence and being proud of my journey. #HelloMyNameWas recently showed as part of Currents New Media Festival in santa Fe, New Mexico.

As I move forward in my art practice, I continue to develop both artistically and consciously and use various forms of digital media for communication to broader audiences. Through my work, I endeavor to continue to promote self-examination, understanding, and connection. My work evolves as I continue to deepen my understanding of myself and the world through research, exploration, and spiritual development.