Denver’s entrepreneur Ethan Bach is known for his for founding of Alt Ethos experiential design studio and Denver Arts + Technology Advancement (DATA), which simultaneously launched in April 2016. Bach is also known for consulting and public speaking through his company BETA arts and his years of artwork out of Ethan Bach Studios. If that isn’t enough, Bach also teaches kundalini yoga.

Bach isan artistic meteorologist of sorts who observes the surrounding human climate and forecasts what is to come” (The Santa Fe Reporter).


Born in a small town in Washington State in 1972, Ethan Bach has traversed a fascinating life story that will be available in his upcoming digital memoir, Bodhi Life. Bach has lived throughout the country including Washington, New Mexico, and New York with long bouts in Massachusetts and California. He moved to Denver, Colorado in 2015 to launch his two organizations, Alt Ethos and DATA.

Bach has produced shows in Washington, New York, New Mexico, and California

Bach is driven to have an impact of the world around him. His goal is to use immersive interactive media to positively influence people in the world. He plans on hitting this from all sides. His artwork is about empathy and challenging one’s preconceived notions of oneself, a concept, or something in the world.  

Early Life

Bach attended The Evergreen State College during which he produced the ninth annual International Lesbian Gay Film Festival in Olympia, Washington at the age of 22 while gaining a BA in Media Production. After graduating in 1996, he setout to be a computer geek and purchased a top of the line custom computer (that he could afford) and began teaching himself hacking, design applications, and rebuilding the computer.

Bach worked at various jobs in social work for years whilst continuing to develop his artistic and technology skills. Bach moved from Olympia to Santa Fe in 1999 and soon started his first business. Bach Multimedia provided video production, design and DVD printing services to various clients – mostly independent filmmakers and educational institutions. In 2002, Bach began teaching video production at the Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA) where he worked as a database administrator.

Bach left IAIA, in 2006, after being accepted to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in upstate NY to pursue an MFA in Electronic Arts. While in grad school he worked with the Sanctuary for Independent Media as a cinematographer, with iEAR events live streaming performances, and at EMPAC (Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center) as a Video Archivist.

Bach’s master research included interactive programming and design, eye tracking, live facial tracking,   and a produced a documentary entitled, . He also took workshops such as Media Archiving at the Brooklyn Museum.
Bach completed his MFA in 2008.

With the pending market crash, Bach moved back to Santa Fe, New Mexico where he became involved in the Santa Fe Complex and worked with the Department of Cultural Affairs managing their social media. Bach started another business, Transreel, an online streaming service for Transgender content. The business stayed afloat for 1.5 years and Bach decided to close it down due to a lack of interest.
Retrieving Humanity Bach began learning plus several shows (see Ethan Bach Studio)

In 2010, Bach was hired back full-time at the Institute of American Indian Arts as their Digital Dome Director. Add PP here

A Visionary Entrepreneur

In 2016, Bach co-founded two organizations, Alt Ethos, an experiential design company, and Denver Arts + Technology Advancement, a nonprofit whose mission is Empowerment Through Creative Technology. Both of these organizations are moving through startup phases as planned and continue to grow in success.  

Alt Ethos, Founding CEO and Creative Director
Alt Ethos is an experiential design studio specializing in creative technology. We are a group of five dedicated artists, designers, and engineers creating innovative projects for the modern world. We meld various forms of light, sound, interactivity and creative technology into memorable interactive experiences. Alt Ethos offers experiential design services for a variety of clients that amplify stories through expressions of creative technology to form memorable immersive experiences.  By developing an intimate understanding of organizations and narratives that we connect audiences to through our ideation, design, development, and fabrication services.

Denver Arts + Technology Advancement, Founding Executive Director
Denver Arts + Technology Advancement (DATA) is a nonprofit organization striving to create a vanguard community center for public engagement, cultivating and strengthening local community by putting research, education, creation, and exhibition together under the same roof. DATA is driving a new generation of art creators and technologists by optimizing the use of immersive and emerging technology and serving as a conduit for the creative process. We do this by providing access to the tools and knowledge that foster the future of art and technology.

BETA arts
Bach provides Consulting and Public Speaking services through BETA arts. As a storyteller, public speaking is one of his outlets for taking and audience on a journey. He has never shied away from public speaking. In fourth grade, he ran for Vice President of his elementary school. In his teenage years, Bach regularly spoke on panels in juvenile detention centers and schools.

Ethan Bach Studio
Teaching k-12 education part-time. Currently on hiatus from creating artwork due to getting both organizations off the ground. Bach still creating artwork, just in a different context. Bach has plans to come back to my artwork, particularly the Bodhi Life digital memoir after the orgs are more stable.

Other Endeavors
Kundalini Yoga